The answer is YES!

Think of SEO as the foundation of digital marketing. It is where everything is drawn from and where everything comes together. It is the core of ALL your strategies. Why? Because it is the home of your keyword. Keywords are a universal point of reference on the net and in other marketing strategies such as pay per click. A website is where we tie all of our efforts in other places on the internet, together. Through the continued use of our keywords with our brand, it seeks to also help search engines make that connection.

This is why it is important to continue the use of keywords within social groups, or any other places you peruse on the internet. For example, when you sign up for Twitter they ask you to write a short bio or description. This is an excellent place to include your main keyword(s).

Also known as “offsite SEO” these strategies seek to strengthen on site marketing but are performed in other areas of the web.

Later when search engines crawl the various social sites like twitter, your keywords and brand are also crawled (again).  This helps search engines  to start bridging the gap and confirm that connection of your keyword with your brand. From an SEO standpoint this is your main goal.  You want your keyword to be synanamous with your brand because until that happens you are just a spec of sand on a very large beach.  You will know when search engines have made this connection because you will rise to number 1 in search results.

While this is a fairly strong argument indicating the importance of SEO, it isn’t the only one.

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