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How to Write For a Blog

  Learn What “Original” Content Really Means Let’s face it, original content in the truest sense of the word borders on impossible when it comes to writing for your business or for the internet in general. Yes, believe it or not, 5 million or so people have already beat you to it. Unless you invent something…
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creating targeted messages

Learn How to Create Targeted Messages

Writing tends to be a daunting task for many but doesn’t have to be.  If you want  to give your message a powerful edge, capable of stirring up action in your market then keep reading. Despite popular belief, crafting content on the web isn’t really about how good of a wordsmith you are or even…
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2 Simple Steps To Creating Targeted Messages (cont.)

Crafting the Message and Headline Armed with some helpful considerations about targeting your market, let’s say you are now ready to create a powerful message. Let’s pretend that you personally sell the Cadillac of lawn mowers, John Deere. With this in mind, you know just the right spin for your article starting with the headline…
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The Digital Age: Considering a Reader’s Platform

This digital age has given new meaning to the word brevity. With information that is able to reach masses with a single click, one needs to consider how the audience is receiving it before they hit the “publish” button. As mentioned time and time again, blog posts that are short get the most face time. Keeping your…
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