Often times ranking can be a difficult task especially if our keyword is a competitive one. Here are some ideas to lower the competition and still get your desired result.

Now assuming all of the other page elements of SEO are present including keyword within the content, links and other basic SEO factors already exist, it is time to start writing city pages. City pages are designed to focus on a smaller market share and compete within a particular city instead of your current national market you have been struggling in. Often times a business such as a doctor’s office will likely already compete locally because his clientele has to be within a certain number of miles to make them a relevant market. However for someone who wants to promote something online which does not require face to face with a consumer, then the market is endless. For example someone selling SEO services can market nationally because most of the time all communication can be done over the phone or email. Someone selling babysitting services would only be competing locally within their city of residence for similar obvious reasons. They physically could not babysit for someone outside a certain range of distance. When we compete on a local level versus a national one, our competition is greatly reduced and for obvious reasons, is much easier to achieve the desired ranking within organic search.

If you are currently competing nationally and are struggling, my advice to you is: break your market up and begin competing in smaller sections. How is this done? It is rather simple actually.  Start writing content using your keyword with the city of designation so for example my keyword may look like this: SEO Services Phoenix or Phoenix SEO Service. Then proceed to write content using this keyword as you would normally for optimization. Your Meta Title for the page would be something like this: SEO Services Phoenix | Get Top Rankings in Phoenix. You may also consider a landing page for each city you are looking to target. Don’t forget the opportunity for an anchor text link here. Keep writing them for each city or state that you would like or until you are satisfied with the results and amount of traffic to your site.

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