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ist1_4278668-business-conceptI am writing today to speak of an exciting project I am involved with for an online magazine that is all about managed services.  I was asked to participate not only as an editor of the magazine but also as one of the featured managed services providers.  SEO /Web Marketing is not typically classified as a managed service but in actuality fits the defintion of that term quite closely.  After first being asked to be the editor a decision was also made thereafter to represent the category of SEO and Web Marketing as an Expert for their “Ask The Experts” section of the magazine.  Here, visiting traffic can ask questions to experts in the fields of Managed IT, Telecommunications, Call Center Services, Offsite Data Storge, and now SEO and Web Marketing.  Amongst the exciting featured sections are: “Tip of the Day”, Executive Interview, Featured Article and Featured Provider. 

Adding to the blog with be posts from the experts themselves on their respective topic.  Our goal with this project is to initiate interaction and create an environment that opens up the communication lines.  Anybody intererested in getting information on any of the 5 mentioned  managed services, nows your chance to get it free from experts.  As some may know, since the conception of managed services they have found this service model to be a growing need for the small business owner as oppossed to the Enterprise business model that is started from.  The magazine is due to launch on September 9th.  Check it out if you’re interested at Managed Service Providers


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