Jennifer L. WingJennifer Kading - Web Marketing Expert

Originally a native of  Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Jennifer escaped the cold after attending college at Mankato State University, and fled to Arizona where she currently resides.

After securing a copy editor position at a digital marketing firm in 2008, Jennifer began to learn the business. Before long she was managing her own accounts at a small firm whose niche was liposuction doctors.

Jennifer’s skill of writing was a perfect compliment to web marketing and it wasn’t long before she began a freelance career helping small business owners manage their online presence. After partnering up with a telecom company to roll out an online magazine, The Web Marketing Partners was started, offering the full range of internet marketing services to small businesses nationwide. Since starting her business in 2010, Jennifer has helped a wide variety of businesses achieve success online. Jennifer claims that even after nearly a decade in this business; her passion for her work remains constant.