If you haven’t already jumped on the social media speeding train, do not wait another moment.  This is not a fad that is going to die out anytime soon.  I just recently saw an article stating Facebook as the 4th largest website in the world- in the shortest amount of time.

Having worked directly with corporate organizations that are far removed from the use of social media or even the internet in general as a sales tool, I know what most businesses think immediately when faced with the idea:  “It doesn’t fit our framework” or “I am afraid it will distract our employees who will then become less productive” In response I say, “you could only be so lucky.”  Try getting 10 or so old school sales reps to just dip their feet into the social media pool is like …well, trying to teach an old dog new tricks.  Furthermore if you can honestly tell me that the 200 million people on Facebook aren’t your customers, then I would say, “you’re in the wrong business.”

The truth, as hard as it may be for businesses to swallow, is that customers, (the ones that buy your products or services) are involved in social media and they much prefer to do research and make their purchases online.  The reality is if you don’t get involved in social media immediately it may cost you a whole lot more than you would lose by at least trying it.  Guessing that your next question is probably going to be “how?”, I have come prepared to offer some advice.

Don’t try to do it alone by researching and finding your way in the dark. That will most likely be a lesson in futility and cost you more blood sweat and tears than you can stand at the moment.  Hire a professional who will lead the way, instruct your team and run with your brand in all the right directions. Hiring a managed service provider that can manage your campaign is a wise move and money well spent.  Think of them like a temp or part time employee because they will need to integrate with your company to be effective.  Consequently this happens to be a managed service providers strength within their market; their ability to integrate and manage your business over a long period of time.

Success in social media will not happen overnight and will not happen any sooner by simply thinking about it. Getting a team of individuals involved in something new can be very trying and time consuming and my guess is you have plenty of other business related activities to keep you busy, like running it.

You said you wanted to be successful didn’t you?


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