Learn How to Create Targeted Messages

Learn How to Create Targeted Messages

creating targeted messages

Writing tends to be a daunting task for many but doesn’t have to be.  If you want  to give your message a powerful edge, capable of stirring up action in your market then keep reading.

Despite popular belief, crafting content on the web isn’t really about how good of a wordsmith you are or even how good of a speller you are. The most important feature of your message is how effective it is at finding the right audience.

Anyone can create powerful messages with ease by first considering a few important details. So set your pen down, take your fingers off the keyboard and ask yourself the following questions (and in this order):

1. Who is my audience?

(Need a better answer than “your market”. Be specific.)

2. What is my message?

If you’re not sure what to write about – if you first consider WHO your audience is, the topics will come much easier to you. Then like magic…aaaahh…your message begins to form itself. Please don’t attempt to write an article that pleases every individual in your market – it’s not possible. That would resemble banging your head against a wall repeatedly. Okay well not exactly like that but close. It’s important to segment your market and focus on smaller groups within it. Now, let’s take a look at some examples.

Example #1

Let’s say you sell lawnmowers. You may be wondering how to entertain anyone talking about lawnmowers but believe it or not there are a thousand and 1 ways to deliver messages on any topic that are interesting and powerful to the reader. The key is delivering it to the right ears. Applying the steps mentioned above we first discover …

1.Who is my audience?

Of all the people who buy lawnmowers we can segment that market (make it smaller) by targeting people who recently purchased a new lawnmower.

2.What is my message?

What do you suppose recent lawnmower buyers would want to know? Recent buyers of anything over $100.00 usually want to know if they got the best deal. Congratulations! The hardest part of crafting your message is complete. After discovering these two very important details about your message you’ll find writing it to be that much easier.

Note: When you choose the topic before the audience, our message is often not well targeted. Therefore the order of these steps is important in delivering a targeted message.

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