With everything that goes into designing and building your website; wouldn’t it be nice if people could actually find it? Your website isn’t worth much if it cannot be found on the internet. Nowadays as the internet grows exponentially, your chances of being found without strong search engine optimization are slim.

T.W.M.P. will create a personalized strategy aimed at increasing your websites’ visibility and traffic. By targeting your market using a set of custom defined tactics, we continually measure our efforts to fine tune our strategies.

Take Your SEO In-House

Equip your small business with efficiency into the future. Bring your SEO in house and save on marketing costs. Hiring outside for your marketing usually means $65.00 per hour (on the low end). Because this piece of your marketing is personal, involving your company’s reputation it also makes sense for it to be managed from within. Trust me you can do this. It’s not rocket science but it’s not minimal work either.

Successful SEO is achieved through a continuous process of “create, push, measure, and repeat”. In other words, search engine optimization is an ongoing task, that should continue for the life of your online presence. Each article and every piece of content you create should be optimized for both search engines and people. After that, it should be shared on social networks and used as collateral for link building.

Because we understand the costs associated with marketing can add up quickly, having the ability to maintain your own SEO is valuable to small business owners who need to keep marketing costs down. TWMP will teach you and/or staff members how to maintain your SEO, to ensure a smooth transition.

The money you save can be used to invest back into your business increasing it’s chance for success!

With that in mind, we offer affordable internet marketing plans that include consulting and training in the basics of SEO for you and/or your team.

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