How To Drum Up Business on Twitter

How To Drum Up Business on Twitter

Selling products or services offline allows us an opportunity to get in front of our potential customers, who are in the research phase of the buying cycle. During that face to face or phone call, we have the opportunity to uncover their needs and can, in turn, sell to them based on those needs.

Online, however, you have to find a way to capture their attention without the opportunity of a phone call or face to face. In a business such as a storefront prospects come to you, but online, you must go to them. Maintaining visibility on the internet in as many places as possible is crucial today. Additionally providing these researchers with the information they need to make a buying decision on your website, is critical to your success.

More Creative Ways to Compete in the SERP’s

But how do we capture these researchers in that research phase, and then guide them safely to our camp? Well, the first and most obvious way is thru the use of keywords and ranking. However, gaining a visible spot in the SERPS, isn’t that easy.  If you’re in a competitive market try opting for less competitive keywords and instead try keywords a “researcher” might use.  Research searches are more question focused, such as “How do I..?” or “How to …”  This may provide less competitive keyword  options for you to rank for keywords related to your business.

How to Get Business on Twitter

You may not know that Twitter, just like google, is a search engine?  Thru the use of hashtags, Twitter has created it’s own internal content organization to help researchers easily find posts related to any chosen topic. If you are an avid tweeter you should consider adding at least one hashtag to your posts to begin an organization system whereby others, like yourself, can quickly pull up content you are looking for. Did you also know that you can browse any topics in real time, meaning you can actually watch conversations happen? Have you considered watching conversations related to your brand or your products and services?

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a mechanic in Phoenix and are trying to drum up new business. Using twitter as your prospecting tool, you type this into the search: #needmechanic. The image to the right includes the actual results from that search. Now, once you’ve garnered what appears to be an approachable list, you can choose from any number of ways to connect with them and present your offer. And by offer, I don’t mean telling them you’re a mechanic and would gladly fix their car for them. I mean slipping them a special discount offer and then of course following them, so that they can find you tomorrow when they eventually decide to take you up on your offer!


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