Misconceptions About Pay Per Click

When most of us think Pay per Click we think ad campaigns that got out of hand, dollars wasted and not too much of anything to show for it. It can be a scary option for the more conservative business owner whose budget is tight and whose ideas therefore are much the same. Truthfully, however, Pay per Click is no more a risk than a fierce battle in the search results and will only become fiercer as more websites flood the internet. While search result ranking is important for longevity and continued business success, Pay per Click is an excellent short term option in the interim, to bring revenue during the lull.

What small business owners should know is that most of the time a pay per click campaign will cost you less money up front and bring about the most immediate revenue/results than would fighting your way up in the search results. Assuming you are able to secure a worthwhile spot the time to get there can vary depending how competitive your keywords are. One thing is almost always a guarantee; it will take you no less than a month and up to a year to earn a favorable spot in the search results. On average a safe estimation is 4-6 months to earn a decent ranking within the top 5. Now consider the amount of money spent on seo efforts within that time frame to get a worthwhile spot in the search results.

Immediacy of Benefits

The biggest benefit found in Pay Per Click advertising is the ability to get immediate sales or conversions without too much effort, in essence the campaign most often pays for itself as in the case of product sales. Most often one sale thru a pay per click campaign could pay for a weeks worth of marketing for itself. In addition, and to clear up anyone’s preconceived notions, limits on amounts spent can and most often are set on each campaign, each ad, or each ad group. The chance of wasted dollars getting out of hand is slim. Most pay per click services have safety features built in to prevent such occurrences. If optimized most efficiently your campaign dollars would also generate enough profit that could potentially be spent on the ranking efforts. So why wouldn’t you have both?

Less is Not More – More is More!

Carefully consider both options as a means of growing your business. Search results are a long term option for growing your business and once achieved its results are long lasting as long as the website is kept current and fresh. However, Pay per Click is a great short term or long term approach at driving immediate traffic that can and often does convert into sales or dollars earned, very quickly.

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