Pay Per Click Services

Paid Advertising is an excellent way to drive immediate traffic to your website and generate immediate sales. We take pride in taking our marketing efforts one step further and turning your traffic into dollars. We understand how important the details of your website are to a successful pay per click campaign. As such, we will first optimize your website to ensure it contains the right elements to convert traffic.  Through careful measurement of your traffic, onsite testing, and an understanding of analytical reporting, we can optimize your site based on certain behavior patterns of on-site visitation. This is crucial to any PPC Campaign where each click or visit to your site is at a cost and an opportunity. Our team at The Web Marketing Partners is MSN AD Certified and qualified to manage your paid advertising campaign effectively through any of the various services offered such as: Google’s Adwords, Bing’s Ad Center, Yahoo Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Analysis and Measurement

Nowadays, driving traffic to ones website can be fairly easy as long as the right elements are in place. Here at WMP, we feel our marketing is only as effective as your measurable conversions. Using analytics and ongoing measurement of your web traffic, we take the process one step further to ensure your site is optimized properly for converting that traffic into dollars.

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