What is it?    roadmap

The marketing strategy road map is a tailored marketing guide that will tell you how, what and where to begin and end in your marketing efforts online. It will uncover which sites are valuable to your business. Where you should focus your efforts, and the kinds of marketing you should consider to get the results you desire.

It will even give details about each strategy so that a laymen can perform the necessary steps in your online marketing effort.

 What the Road Map Contains

  • Particular websites specifically social media sites where you should focus your efforts
  • Marketing Strategies for strong consideration-Paid Advertising, SEO, Social Media Marketing etc, including a pie chart that shows their percentage of importance to your business
  • Additional supporting strategies to consider
  • How much money and/or time should be spent on each strategy
  • Cost/Competitiveness of Keywords Associated with your Business
  • Keyword Report (includes #of searches)
  • Content Topics to focus on for Blog Posts on With Pre-Written Headlines (Approx 10, depending)
  • Set up of your site on Google Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Proper set up of your Google Analytics Account According to Google’s Recommended Method
  • Full Guide on How to Implement SEO on your Website- This is a tailored guide specific to your website so if you have already implemented SEO this will help to point out weak areas or areas for improvement
  • How to maintain your marketing efforts long term.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost of the road map will vary according to a few factors. The base cost is $500.00 and will go up from there according to the size of your website (how much content/pages there is and/or how many keywords are associated with your business. Other factors that may affect the price are the type of business you have or how involved the nature of your business is. The cost will never exceed $1000.00 however. Most projects fall into the $700-$800 range.

How is the Information Delivered?

In digital copy, and as a step by step guide. Each section will explain the activity and why it’s important and then offer instructions on how to implement it. Or if that particular section offers information only such as a keyword report, then a full explanation of the report is included.

Can Certain Parts of the Road Map Be Omitted For a Lesser Cost?

Unfortunately no. If you have already hired someone to do SEO on your site, great! This will be a great way to double check their efforts and make any necessary changes according to the goals you have defined.

How Does the Process Work and How Long Does it Take to Get My Road Map

Use the form below to contact me and I usually respond within 24 hours. We can either communicate thru email or by phone regarding your business and your goals. Once I have a clear understanding of those two things from our conversation(s) I will provide you with a quote for your roadmap. Once you accept the quote 50% of the total is due up front, and to begin work on your project.  I will complete your marketing guide within 7 days from the date of your payment.

This is an optional space provided in case you'd like to provide details about your business and/or goals as it relates to your online marketing.



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