How Polished is your Lead Capture – Would You Bet Money On it?

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How Polished is your Lead Capture – Would You Bet Money On it?

June 25, 2014 Articles Paid Advertising 0

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Prepare for Paid Advertising

Paid advertising also known as Pay Per Click, is for some, a form of advertising they couldn’t survive without. In a competitive market it may be a businesses only opportunity for visibility on line. This is especially true for small businesses whose bigger competitors out bank them in marketing dollars, affording them the top spots in organic search. You just might go broke trying to keep up.

But the reality is, paid advertising can also be a disaster. A disaster is defined as spending loads of cash and getting nothing in return. There are many ways you can help maximize your conversions but there is one important element of paid advertising that stands in a class of its own and in order for it to be taken seriously, it’s important to understand the concept.

Preventing Loss in Paid Advertising.

Before you pay money to send traffic to your website be sure it is effective at what you want it to do. In other words, is your offer worth the effort you’re asking of them. Are you competitive in your pricing? This is where you will spend the most time and probably the most frustration. If you have money to spare I would strongly recommend hiring a professional to implement the best lead capture strategy for your business. This can’t be done using methods you know work offline either, the internet is a┬áspecies of its own.

Understanding the Behaviors of Internet Traffic

This is not easy. I repeat, this is not easy. Since the “how to” is lengthy and involved you will have to do some research. The methods you use will be different depending on what type of business you have. The bottom line is, you will not be successful in paid advertising until your presentation is polished and your offer so good, it’s nearly irresistible. I feel it’s safe to say that selling anything over $20.00 on the internet is twice as hard to do online as it is offline. It makes sense but you’d surprised at how many are disillusioned by the magic they think the internet is made of. What the internet did was put a lot of information in the hands of your customer. They now have the best research tool imaginable. So if you’re not competitve in your pricing vs offering – I’d advise you to reconsider being so. Consumers these days are extremely savvy. Make sure you are savvier than they are.

Refine your Offer

Remember, your asking people to invest in something they don’t get to feel or touch first. Or you may be asking them to leave their contact info- which is a lot – It’s downright exhausting for internet surfers to read articles let alone type words into fields. Create your presentation for an audience that has attention spans barely long enough to measure. With a simple click of the mouse they could be a million other places more exciting, how can you blame them? If you don’t capture their attention immediately, you’ve lost them – probably forever.


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