Track and Report

Tracking and Reporting Service

Tracking the way visitors interact with your website is a critical component of success on the web. By learning more about these interactions you are able to deliver the right message to your audience to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.

If you’ve set up google analytics and are tracking your traffic – Great! However just knowing how many visits you received in any given month is really just the basics. If you want to unlock the powerful features it’s actually capable of, then keep reading.

By utilizing our service you can get your business tracking in no time. We’ll help you track the information that matters to your business. Besides that we will connect all your accounts together so they are sharing information and maximizing the data delivered to you.

What we provide:

1. Connection with Web Console, Google Ads/Shopping
2. Google Analytics tracking (if not already set up)
3. Goal tracking (up to 10 or more)
4. Reporting and delivery to your inbox when and how you like
5. Set up of additional apps or websites (as part of the main site) you want to track
6. Installation of the tracking code on your website’s pages
7. Funnel tracking