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July 13, 2009 Articles Social Media Tools 0

Facebook IconFacebook has launched their best widget ever. Finally facebook has come out with something to support the company pages that allows you to place a box on your website. This box contains streaming content and a button that will allow people to become fans of your Facebook page right from your website.  Check out my side bar where I have placed it.   The best part of it is that the box installs easily without any hassle’s, even on a blog.  All I did was found the template page for the side posts and placed the very short code on that page.  First time it worked perfectly which seems rare when installing new code on a blog.  The widget also allows you to install it with or without streaming content or with or without the fan list.  The box does tend to be a bit large so unchecking one of the two features from the company page where you originate the code will help to make the box a bit smaller. 

This is a great new feature both for Facebook and for the Company pages because it allows companies to create a following and initiate interest in their Facebook page even when the user is not logged in or actually on Facebook at that moment.  This will undoubtedely arouse even more interest to join facebook and to get them involved in the company pages that were until now sort of a deserted island on Facebook.  It is nice to see Facebook offering some support for these very valuable and free means of company advertising.  It seems until recently not many even knew about this area of opportunity on there. To get the code: Go to your company page.  Directly underneath the profile picture or logo are several options. Click on “add a fan box” and facebook will automatically generate the code that you install onto your website or blog.  Installation on your site will vary depending on where you want it.  But all you have to do is paste the code on the page you want.  It is as simple as that.  Alter the code to change the box size or change the amount of fans it shows.  If you want the box smaller and you have a lot of fans, then changing the number of fans to show will help to make the box smaller as well.  Happy fan collecting!

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