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Need a Content Calendar?

Now’s the time to get serious about developing your content strategy. I can help you plan ahead and set the creative wheels in motion through the creation and management of your content calendar. I will devise a content marketing strategy that delivers a steady stream of powerful messages to your target market and helps enhance the visibility of your business in search results. A well optimized website is dependant upon content that’s fresh, relevant and engaging.

  • Plan 1 week, 1 month or 6 months ahead.
  • Create writing assignments for contributors
  • Manage the content schedule and on-time delivery from contributors
  • Manage the optimization and posting of the content on your website.

Are you stuck? The words are there but you are having trouble getting them on paper? Learn some great tips in “Content is King

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  1. I took the liberty and linked to your web site, I hope this is ok. You can find the web link on my front-page near the top of the right side bar. I believe that my readers would find this site valuable – I Appreciate it

  2. Good job on the recent post. I will have to to continue taking a look at other posts. I personally own and run a site and I recognize the importance of quality content and it’s enormous impact it makes on the quality of a website. I just wanted to give some props to you.

  3. Jennifer Wing says:

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback, it is always nice to hear!

  4. Jennifer Wing says:

    Thanks for the link, I appreciate your interest.

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