More than ever, especially in the world of social media, written content is the driving force behind one’s success on the internet. For many, who are skilled in reciting the English language, but not necessarily at writing it, this is a terrifying and seemingly impossible feat.

Content Writing: Make it Simple

For those of you who find it difficult to put words on paper in any sort of logical order; here are a few tips to help make it easy. Make an outline of what you want to say or the message you want to convey. Content writing is much easier when you first organize your thoughts with an outline. Start by putting the major points to discuss on paper but don’t worry about the order. Later when you have jotted all of them down, begin by putting them in an order that seems logical. This will dramatically help your content writing to have flow, and to make sense. After putting your topics in order, make bullet points under each one of the key points. Make this brief! This should only be an outline or highlights of each section. One sentence per bullet point although you may have several bullet points if that subject contains many different things to talk about. Here is an example:

Subject: How to Write Content

Style of Content Writing

  • point of view (1st or third person)
  • stick to one throughout

Planning your content writing

  • Jot down major points to discuss
  • Put in chronological order
  • Under each heading put bullet points of key information to discuss

Writing the Content

  • Write the intro paragraph (brief summary of topics for discussion)
  • Using outline as a guide write content that is rich with information

Summing up the written content

  • write a summary or conclusion paragraph
  • should relate to your intro paragraph by summing up the points discussed

Having a guide as you write your content, helps to organize your thoughts and ensures you stay on track with your ideas and information. While it may seem like added work, it will actually save you time. Once the outline is prepared, you are more than halfway done.Try it the next time you are staring blankly at a white screen like a deer in headlights.



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  1. Philip M. says:

    What a great piece this is! Definitely helpful for content writers everywhere. Thanks!

  2. jwing11 says:

    Thanks so much for saying so. I hope it helps!

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