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Get Amped!

After developing and launching a new web architecture called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) google, once again, gives the gift of ease for all WordPress users. To get Accelerated Mobile Pages on your site all you have to do is install the plugin. It’s really that simple. It’s much easier than implementing the structured data format or trying…
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September 26, 2016 0

10 Important Things to Do When Building a New Website

While some of the following tasks assume you have an existing site and are creating a new version of it, many of them will apply to cases where you are building a site for the very first time.   1. Be sure to either maintain the existing urls from the old site onto the new…
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March 27, 2016 0

6 Crucial WordPress Set Up Features

Because WordPress uses themes that are made by a variety of individuals and providers, each one is different and thus may contain or not contain the right mixture of ingredients that you desire for creation of a blog or website.  Additionally WordPress itself has some operational features that someone new could spend hours trying to…
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July 24, 2014 0

Better WP Security

So far so good.  After having over 4 sites now with this security plugin, I have had no intrusions, hijackings or site takedowns.  No issues but a ton of people trying.  This plugin is excellent at showing you just how often people try to hack into your site.  It will astonish you trust me but…
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February 18, 2013 0

WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

I have recently discovered some very valuable plugins from WordPress that I thought I’d share. There are many more that deserve recognition but I will save those for another post.  If you have any plugins you like –  let me know in the comments.  Please include the name of the plugin and what you like…
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August 8, 2012 0