My Favorite Tool of 2016 Have You Tried it Yet?

My Favorite Tool of 2016 Have You Tried it Yet?

As we round the end of the year, I usually start thinking back on the great things that occurred this year in my business. Sometimes these occurrences are worthy of a post. Well it’s been a couple years since I’ve been so compelled. Compelled enough to tell others about it.

Every once in a while a new tool emerges that you decide is the best tool in its class for solving a problem, saving you time/money, and or taking something complicated and making it really simple-even fun. This is quite a feat when accomplished so it doesn’t happen that often. Sure there are lots of tools out there to satisfy a wide range of activities for someone like me in the digital marketing business but most of them are average, even those which charge a small fortune to use. Eventually they all leave me in search of something better.

I am overwhelmed with joy, that someone has accomplished the most difficult challenge by creating the most unbelievable tool – I’m not even hesitant to say, ever. As you can imagine this has compelled me to write about it and share it with the world. Someone should tell Trump that he can’t make America great again because Canva already did.

Here is my Tri-fold Brochure Created with Canva and ready for print. Totally Amazing! Be sure to see the inside page by clicking to the next page at the bottom of the brochure.


So if you were paying attention to that last bit, you already know the name of this company/product. Write it down, memorize it, burn it into your skin, whatever you have to do because this is the product that will pull you out of a rock and a hard place- when you need to create something amazing in minutes. For those who weren’t paying’s Canva. By visiting you can create professional, incredibly eye pleasing, marketing material. Canva has a knack for turning amateur designers into professionals. I even put together a resume using Canva. I can’t tell you what a brilliant concept it is to be able to move sections around easily, play with different backgrounds and fonts – it’s simply an amazing tool for creating resumes!

But wait, that’s not the best part. Did I mention that there is zero learning curve the first time you use this software? You’re probably thinking, “yah sure” but really it’s true. The interface is so simple, even a beginner will have an easy time putting together a masterpiece. It’s so simple – everything makes sense. There are no hidden buttons to search for. Or tricky keystrokes you must learn before using it. You don’t even have to read any instructions. It’s literally out of the box and drive. Your clients will be impressed. I’ve already tried it out on a few and after presenting this tri-fold brochure to my client, she had three words…”That is Awesome!” was exactly what she said and the only thing she said in an email sent last night.

I am certain a genius put this together and they deserve an award! I created a tri-fold brochure just yesterday and although I could have whipped that piece together in a matter of minutes with Canva–no joke, there are so many cool things you can do with the graphics they  provide, some free of charge (and some for $1.00) that I played around for hours creating the most incredible and artistic marketing pieces. Did I mention that I love this tool.

Try it, I dare you. Be careful, it sucks you in. I had a blast creating this last piece and I keep going back to it and trying different things. I think I’m addicted.

Hey Canva….Pat yourself on the back! How can I ever thank you. Hopefully this post sends some traffic your way because I can’t think of another site/brand/company that deserves it more. You have single handedly taken all the pain and frustration out of creating something fairly complicated and made it so simple even FUN to make. Canva has heavy lifted more than one of my projects in 2016 and will continue to for the next year as well.

P.S. I have no affiliation whatsoever with Canva. They did not ask me to rate their software nor do they even know that I am writing this. I was not paid any money from Canva. The truth is, if anyone deserves money, it’s Canva for creating an absolute masterpiece.





1. Ineffective or Non Sufficient Tracking

This is a common mistake that many companies make when starting their digital marketing. It’s especially important to track conversions in Pay Per Click campaigns like AdWords and Facebook Advertising. Without knowing what’s working and what isn’t it’s hard to make good decisions about where to spend your money.  (more…)



BusySome good advice, especially in a down economy and in lieu of the war zone that has become the internet, is your re-invention or re-evaluation of offerings. As mentioned by Aaron Wall in a post I read today on SEO Book- Small businesses stand a good chance of  getting trampled in organic search and due to their size will never win against large businesses who can offer prices much lower than the smaller guys.  Competition is getting fierce and larger companies are at an even greater advantage in this economy. How does a small business compete?  Very carefully! 

So often in our business we are spread very thin. With the hustle and bustle that becomes our lives we have little time for extended focus on one or two projects. Spending more than 30 minutes on a singular event to us seems like hyperfocus.   

Do you actually get more done by operating at speeds that keep up with light. Hmmm? Maybe, but is it done well? Doubtful. 

Do you ever get recognition, praise or reward for this tail spinning. NEVER! in fact probably the opposite since the quality of our output severely suffers in EVERY thing we do.


In a market where competition is fierce you better be good at something because if you aren’t you don’t stand a chance. Start thinking on a micro level.  Easier said than done I know but pick something and become an expert at it, even if it means giving up other parts of your business permanently. In this market it’s not about how many things you know, but how well you know them. Gear up for some brutal competition requiring polished skills and your focused attention. 

In the long run you will fare much better being good at something, instead of good at nothing. Later after you have mastered one area of your business to it’s maximum efficiency, then start on mastering something else. You’ll get there trust me and when you do, you’ll be the best!



ist1_4278668-business-conceptI am writing today to speak of an exciting project I am involved with for an online magazine that is all about managed services.  I was asked to participate not only as an editor of the magazine but also as one of the featured managed services providers.  SEO /Web Marketing is not typically classified as a managed service but in actuality fits the defintion of that term quite closely.  After first being asked to be the editor a decision was also made thereafter to represent the category of SEO and Web Marketing as an Expert for their “Ask The Experts” section of the magazine.  Here, visiting traffic can ask questions to experts in the fields of Managed IT, Telecommunications, Call Center Services, Offsite Data Storge, and now SEO and Web Marketing.  Amongst the exciting featured sections are: “Tip of the Day”, Executive Interview, Featured Article and Featured Provider. 

Adding to the blog with be posts from the experts themselves on their respective topic.  Our goal with this project is to initiate interaction and create an environment that opens up the communication lines.  Anybody intererested in getting information on any of the 5 mentioned  managed services, nows your chance to get it free from experts.  As some may know, since the conception of managed services they have found this service model to be a growing need for the small business owner as oppossed to the Enterprise business model that is started from.  The magazine is due to launch on September 9th.  Check it out if you’re interested at Managed Service Providers


Often times ranking can be a difficult task especially if our keyword is a competitive one.  Here are some ideas to lower the competition and still get your desired result.

Now assuming all of the other page elements of SEO are present including keyword within in the content writing, links and other basic SEO factors already exist, it is time to start writing city pages.  City pages are designed to focus on a smaller market share and compete within a particular city instead of your current national market you have been struggling in.  Often times a business such as a doctor’s office will likely already compete locally because his clientele has to be within a certain number of miles to make them a relevant market,  however for someone who either sells something on line or sells something which does not require face to face with its consumer then the market is endless.  For example someone selling seo services sells nationally because most of the time all communication can be done over the phone or email.  Someone selling babysitting services would only be competing locally within their city of residence for similar obvious reasons.  They physically could not babysit for someone outside of certain range of distance. When we compete on a local level versus a national one, our competition is greatly reduced and for obvious reasons, much easier to achieve the desired ranking within organic search.

If you are currently competing nationally and are struggling, my advice to you is: break your market up and begin competing in smaller sections.  How is this done?  It is rather simple actually.  Here again is where content writing proves to be king.  Start writing content using your keyword with the city of designation so for example my keyword may look like this:  SEO Services Phoenix or Phoenix SEO Service.  Then proceed to write content using this keyword as you would normally for optimization.  Your metas for the pages would be something like this: SEO Services Phoenix | Get Seo Services Phoenix……  Now so as not to also disturb you current content where you would like to still compete nationally, place these pages in the footer of your site as links.  Don’t forget the opportunity here to keyword your link!!!  🙂  Keep writing them for each city or state that you would like or until you are satisfied with the results and amount of traffic to your site. You can never do too much!!

*SEO Strategies Change Frequently and if you are Looking for Articles Regarding SEO Please Visit the Most Recent Article. Thank You!