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SEO and Ranking in 2016

SEO has changed quite a bit since I first started in this business. Not that long ago ranking a site was much less challenging and could usually be done by following a defined method of keyword usage and on page techniques that even without any back links could actually earn you a top spot. Inevitably…
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March 25, 2016 0

SEO Ranking Factors

Check out this slide shared by Search Engine Land which lists all the SEO optimization factors for Ranking in the SERPS. It’s all inclusive and an excellent source for reference. Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors & Guide to SEO by SearchEngineLand from Search Engine Land

August 10, 2014 1


The answer is YES! Think of SEO as the foundation of digital marketing. It is where everything is drawn from and where everything comes together. It is the core of ALL your strategies. Why? Because it is the home of your keyword. Keywords are a universal point of reference on the net and in other…
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April 14, 2011 1


SEO Starts in the Code SEO starts from the very beginning of a website’s conception.  Although SEO can later be implemented, at times it can be difficult, requiring so much reconstruction one would virtually need to rebuild an entire new website to make it SEO friendly.  With that in mind, having an SEO specialist working with…
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July 12, 2009 0


Often times ranking can be a difficult task especially if our keyword is a competitive one.  Here are some ideas to lower the competition and still get your desired result. Now assuming all of the other page elements of SEO are present including keyword within in the content writing, links and other basic SEO factors already exist,…
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June 21, 2009 0