Better WP Security

Better WP Security

So far so good.  After having over 4 sites nowbetter-wp-security with this security plugin, I have had no intrusions, hijackings or site takedowns.  No issues but a ton of people trying.  This plugin is excellent at showing you just how often people try to hack into your site.  It will astonish you trust me but rest assurred Better WP Security is exactly what the name says.  It offers a very self explanatory user interface and upon installation will lead you thru the process of setting up the plugin properly by giving you options to change or not change according to your desires and your current hosting parameters.

By explaining each step and recommending what to change and why, the user has a good understanding of how intruders infiltrate sites.  In addition you will have the ability to lockout individuals attempting to login repeatedly using the wrong password and to add those people’s IP address to a list of  “lockouts” for further review or if you’d like you can completely ban them from your site.  For me it is simple-they get banned.  Since I am the only person with access to a number of sites, there should be no reason why someone would be trying to login other than for malicious reasons.

And as if all that wasn’t enough – This plugin will even do regular backups for you that you can have sent to your email address or stored on the server.  Brilliant!  On a scale of 1-10, I give this plugin a 10.  No problems, glitches, or cross plugin issues.  Better WP Security does everything it promises, with error free seam-less-ness.

P.S. You can set the security so that each time a user is locked out of your site an email is sent to you with their IP Address.  I recommend using this feature in the beginning.  It’s an eye opening experience about how important security is on your site. Later on you will probably just get sick of all the email you are receiving and turn that feature off.


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