Some good advice, especially in a down economy and in lieu of the war zone that has become the internet, is your re-invention or re-evaluation of offerings. As mentioned by Aaron Wall in a post I read today on SEO Book- Small businesses stand a good chance of  getting trampled in organic search and due to their size will never win against large businesses who can offer prices much lower than the smaller guys.  Competition is getting fierce and larger companies are at an even greater advantage in this economy. How does a small business compete?  Very carefully!

So often in our business we are spread very thin. With the hustle and bustle that becomes our lives we have little time for extended focus on one or two projects. Spending more than 30 minutes on a singular event to us seems like hyperfocus.


Do you actually get more done by operating at speeds that keep up with light. Hmmm? Maybe, but is it done well? Doubtful.

Do you ever get recognition, praise or reward for this tail spinning. NEVER! in fact probably the opposite since the quality of our output severely suffers in EVERY thing we do.

In a market where competition is fierce you better be good at something because if you aren’t you don’t stand a chance. Start thinking on a micro level.  Easier said than done I know but pick something and become an expert at it, even if it means giving up other parts of your business permanently. In this market it’s not about how many things you know, but how well you know them. Gear up for some brutal competition requiring polished skills and your focused attention.

In the long run you will fare much better being good at something, instead of good at nothing. Later after you have mastered one area of your business to it’s maximum efficiency, then start on mastering something else. You’ll get there trust me and when you do, you’ll be the best!


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