Web Marketing AZWeb Marketing For Small Business

With all the other details that go into running your business, marketing it can be a daunting, and often, futile task. Sounds easy right? A little SEO here, and some social media there. What’s so hard about that? The truth is, just keeping up with the constantly changing internet landscape can be a full time job. If you are the CEO and the CMO of your business, you don’t need tutorials and guides. You need a cape!

All kidding aside, what you really need is guidance. Marketing strategies change often. What worked today, won’t tomorrow. Learning the intricacies of the web and how to market your business effectively – is a full time job. If you’re a business owner, I’m guessing you already have a full time job.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

Posting articles on social media sites and feeding your twitter account are fine ways to keep in touch with your market, but those activities are really just the basics that apply to the masses. I’d say it’s what every business should do. But the more important question, as it relates to effective marketing is… WHAT SHOULD YOUR BUSINESS DO?

Effective marketing starts with strategies tailored to the needs of the individual business and is based on the specific goals your business has established. In order to derive benefit from any effort, you need to devise a well researched and methodical strategy to put into action. If you are set on doing your own marketing, I won’t stop you, but I would at least recommend obtaining a Marketing Strategy Roadmap.  And since I know you will ask – here’s three (actually 4) good reasons WHY, off the top of my head.

  • Helps prevent wasting time performing activities that produce little to no benefit
  • More easily divide the tasks amongst staff to help break up the workload
  • Uncertainty in one’s actions is a recipe for failure.
  • Helps a business more clearly define their business goals – It’s important for achieving them!
  • Confidence in one’s efforts is one of the keys to success. Obtain a roadmap and you’re halfway there!

I look forward to helping you devise and implement the best strategy tailored to the unique needs of your business.  

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